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  • Maximizing Your eCommerce

    So you've decided to create an eCommerce site with WordPress. As great as that step is, it can be overwhelming especially with all the smaller moving parts. From design to navigation to infrastructure ...

  • UX Mistakes

    A good UX is the only way to ensure your customer's a good experience of your product, it has been difficult always to ensure the same every time. The user experience has improved by leaps and bounds over ...

  • Dynamic Forms with PHP

    A tutorial on how to create HTML forms with dynamically modifiable filed (or a set of fields) using Java Script & HTML Tables and PHP code to process them in the back end.

  • Core Principles of Flat Design

    Flat Design philosophy preaches that if something doesn't help usability, leave it out of the design to make something look good tends to shift away from the details that will make something more efficient ...

  • Basic Design Tactics to Professionalize your Website

    When it comes down to making your mark on the Internet, your website is your public face. It determines the first impression your clients will have of your company. A well organized, orderly, and attractive ...

  • Search Engine Optimization:before

    Without completing the basic functionalities of a website, search engine optimization will not work even if you manage to get position #1 in searches, though it can bring extra traffic but they get converted ...

  • CSS for Form Elements

    Styling form elements with CSS reduces the page load, bandwidth consumption at the end increasing the sites performance as well. Use of CSS in form elements other than the submit button & text is ...

  • Effective Utilization of Progress Bar

    As Progress bars are mostly hated by users its important to make sure they are used only when required. Progress bars are used not only to ask user to be Patient, they are also used to indicate other progress ...

  • 6 Hot Typography Trends

    The world of typography is a lot like the fashion industry. There are timeless looks that never go out of style, but it's the hot newcomers that really know how to turn heads. Read on to learn about these ...

  • CSS Selectors

    CSS selectors are extremely handy tools which a designer can have, using them performant can give you maximum performance and usability.

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