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  • Single File Upload With PHP

    In this simple upload system we will just make a single upload with a verification for file extension and size, thus making it a secure way to upload files. The files will be stored as its on the disk

  • Non WWW to WWW redirect with HTACCESS

    When your website exists in two places line the one with WWW and non WWW, it can cause Duplicate content, this is known as the www/non-www canonical issue. This can make your site to be removed from Search ...

  • Active Gzip Compression in HTACCESS

    To redice the bandwidth , compression can do well enough.To enable compression in Apache, enabling Gzip compression pretty much straightforward.Add the following to your .htaccess. In IIS server Gzip ...

  • Change Timezone In PHP

    When ever it comes to Time its important to make sure that the users get the time displayed in their local time to avoid errors, especially when you have offices or users in different parts of the world.

  • HTML or XML Sitemaps

    "The question any amateur designer, even pro one while making a site map is which one to choose with HTML sitemap or XML sitemap for your website, it indeed is a good question and many overcome this by ...

  • SEO with Images

    Adding an images to your blog post to make the posts not only makes it look good and delive a brief information about what the post is doing. But it can also do lot of SEO work. With a good alternant text ...

  • Redirect your Traffic for Error handeling

    its a good practice to add error handling capabilities to all programs to inform the user about the error and the possible solution to solve the error.In web world the common errors are 404 not found, ...

  • Redirect your Traffic with .htaccess

    Redirect your visitor to maintenance page is a must when you are upgrading your site. Now you can redirect your user to maintenance page easily by using .htaccess file.We will able to send all users to ...

  • Leverage browser caching

    A primary way to speed up your web site to returning visitor is to cache your site in the visitors browse, though its not applicable to new visitor but if you site becomes interesting , and the visitors ...

  • Attach Files through .htaccess

    In most of the site that uses hand written codes, the common and routine procedure followed by the programmers is to break up the site code to external files and add them, mainly the header and footer ...

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