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  • Full wave rectifier

    Here the aim is to build a circuit that can give +12 volt supply from ac mains.Such a supply is a very common all those which used opamps.This circuit

  • Capacitor Combinations

    When two or more capacitors are combined , mainly in series and parallel arrangement for some or the other reasons

  • Hide Extension

    Hide Extension the extension of you web page and make a clean URL, you can make users access you web site even without

  • desktop unity

    With the past few releases, Ubuntu has been focusing more and more on their homegrown desktop Unity. Some people love it, but a lot of us don’t.For those of us

  • Transistor

    Transistor is a device with 3 terminals that works mainly for amplification , as a switch and Oscillator. when used as an amplifier its operated in active region.

  • Choose linux

    For anyone one who is new to Linux is very easy to be confused in choosing a Linux distributer that is why we created

  • Resistors

    A Resistors is an electronic component whose resistance value tells us about the opposition it offers to the

  • Capacitors

    A capacitor is a device that can store energy in between 2 plates, the space is commonly filled with insulators. It find various application in coupling , filtering etc

  • open source and free ware

    The term open source describes production and development that promote access to the end product's source materials.

  • Free ware and open source

    Freeware is computer software that is available for use at no cost or for an optional fee.But under one or more restricted usage rights.

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