User Account Details in Django Extended UserModel Serializer

How to access user account details like email address, username, first_name and last_name in django account models.


There are instances where you want to get the information from django user model to the extended profile serializer. Django doesn't not come with a ready to use solution but its not hard to make one.

class UserAccountSerializer(serializers.ModelSerializer):
  id = serializers.IntegerField(source = 'pk', read_only = True)
  username = serializers.CharField(source = 'user.username', read_only = True)
  email = serializers.CharField(source = '')
  first_name = serializers.CharField(source = 'user.first_name')
  last_name = serializers.CharField(source = 'user.last_name')

It works by defining a field in serializer and using the source from user object of logged in user.


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