Text Area Widget in Django Admin

Adding widgets to CharField/fields in Django Administrator


If you use django admin to manage your application and use a CharField with size more than 300 i'm sure you need a Text Area to fill it in, yes in your admin too.

It's just a few additional lines to your forms.py (define a new form with widget) and admin.py ( Inform model admin to use the form).

 # forms.py
class FaqForm(forms.ModelForm):
  answer = forms.CharField( widget=forms.Textarea(attrs={'rows': 5, 'cols': 100}))
  class Meta:
    model = Faq
    fields = ('__all__')

That my custom form with Textarea widget attached to answers field which is a CharFIeld.

class FaqsAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
  list_display = ['id', 'question', 'status']
  form = FaqForm

You got yourself a text area in your admin.


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