3 Tips to Make Your Content More SEO Friendly

3 Tips to Make Your Content More SEO Friendly


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves different strategies, however, those, who implement SEO strategies usually forget about people. SEO should be focused most of all on readers, who read the content, share it and leave their comments. If you want to have more views, shares and likes (of course you want to), you need to make it SEO friendly to readers. Whether you write content for custom essay service, blogs or you website, consider reading the information below to broaden your knowledge about SEO.

Here are Top 3 tips that can help you to optimize your content:


Keywords should be used but not too much. If you use hundreds of keywords, then search engines may think that you want only to gain ranking. Use keywords in a natural way. When your start writing content, it is recommended to choose one or two main keywords in order to set a goal and keep a narrow focus.

Sometimes it is better to use long-tail keywords because they are considered to be more efficient. Long-tail keywords are the phrases that contain 3 or more words. These keywords are usually searched by qualified visitors, who know exactly what they are searching for. And again, make a list of some long-tail keywords and target them.

There are 5 places where you can include keywords: URL, headline, body, headers and meta description. For example, Edubirdie is an example of a great SEO optimized website.

Note that you should include keywords to the title, do it within the first 65 characters of the headline because Google cuts off the text that goes after. However, Google counts the content in pixels (not in characters), it cuts the headline off from 500-600 pixels (it is about 65 characters).

Mobile friendly

Nowadays people read news and other information on their mobiles more often than on laptops or tablets (Google revealed this fact). Thus, your content should be searchable and readable from the smartphones. When you search something on your phone, the first results will be the websites that have mobile-friendly versions. In addition, you can have only one URL instead of two (for mobile phones and desktops) therefore it may be easy for Google to recognize your posts and rank them. Google values change all time through. Thus, make sure that you are informed up-to-date by subscribing to Google's official blog.

Word count

A couple of years ago digital readers were not interested in long articles therefore writers made a content of 300-400 words. However, in a today world longer articles become more and more popular among readers, thus they get more traffic and are ranked higher. To make your content perform better, it should be about 1,200-1,500 words long. Numerous statistics shown that long articles are shared, linked and cited more than the short ones.

Google makes changes quite often because they want to satisfy all the readers, thus it is important for you to be in trend in order to have many readers. Now Google suggests to break up the long content with subheads, make bullet points, use keywords and images. Readers should find information quickly and easy. This is a cause why the blogs starting from, for example, “Top 5…” are popular among digital readers. Users want to know what they are going to read from the first sentence or even from the very name of article.

All in all, SEO is incredibly important for those who post content and want to have a big number of readers. In addition, you may read the article about Top 5 ways to build your brand on social media. Use Top 3 tips discussed above to make your website more visible for the digital readers via search engines.

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