My name is Anush and I’m good at computers I also happen to curate Tech Stream ( that’s why you are reading this ), which then has been collaborated by a few of my friends in many forms so I prefer to use We hence forth.

From September 2011, we have used Tech Stream to deliver experiments that were inspiring and innovative for us to the web. With an induction to sharing creativity all the contents have been free and will be for ever , if you look for license its all under MIT.

Tech Stream’s primary goal is to deliver quality material for designers and Web developers. Making these articles takes close examining of the latest developments of the Web, which indeed takes its time. Preparing them for publishing adds more, with these pain staking jobs involved in the maintenance, we try our best to give out articles on a regular basics though not periodically.

Whats behind

Information for geeks who like to track what I do:

Like every website behind techstream lies a set of magic like the DNS, Firewall and more, of which we have no much idea other than what Domain Registrar and Hosting company informs. To make things more funny we have added more stuffs to make it as complex as possible.

Technical Data

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Always Welcome

You are welcome to any suggestion & contribution, feel free to reach us if you found something you would like to share.

Thank you for supporting.