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  • Configure and Deploy Django Project on VPS

    Deploy django application for production. Unlike web languages like PHP where the deployment process can be narrowed down to just transfer of files where as django needs additional setup to get the app ...

  • World Wide Web at end of 2016

    A status report of the Internet in 2016, one among the million reports you can find online :)

  • 6 Essential Practices for Ecommerce Blog

    A blog can be an inexpensive, powerful, and effective marketing tool for any ecommerce website, if you update it often and share your posts. But it's not enough to slap together some content and link ...

  • CSS Colors

    CSS colors contains human readable name you can use instead of a fancy code. Behind the screen actions of of how was made.

  • Creating a Website that Converts

    Have you ever unveiled a new product or service on your website, only to meet with utter indifference? You’re not alone. Even if your website is running perfectly and your web store is ready to accept ...

  • Block Ad-Blocker ?

    A Publisher's view on the ad-blocker and it's blockers. Over the past few months, I’ve been prompted by a good number of websites which blocks my browser from viewing the page with an overlay ...

  • Scroll Status Indicator

    A custom scroll indicator for your users if they wish not to use the native scroll indicator. Scroll Indicators provide users information on how far they have scrolled down a page and estimate eta to the ...

  • Serving Files in Django

    A web application comprises of different file-types like media files for the application, files uploaded by the user and more, so is the case with a typical Django application, these files can be classified ...

  • Is SEO Worth Your Money

    A lot of people now know how to use the internet and even see themselves as a bit of an expert. As a result, they think they can handle their search engine optimization by themselves as well.

  • Nomenclature of Domain Names

    The most important thing that you need when you want to build your business these days is the domain name since people from all around the world are now using the Internet to look for various service and ...

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