IDEs For developer

In this article we’ll take a look at some Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and some essential features of IDEs that can speed up your work.
IDE's For developer

IDE is short for Integrated Development Environment.It is a software application that provides coding, editing and debugging environments for computer application developers. IDEs are also known as Integrated Design Environments. IDEs normally consist of source code editors ,debuggers and a few other tools. Some even contain compilers, interpreters, even both, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, Turbo C, et cetera.

For a developer, an IDE would be the most commonly used tool. It’s like his bow and arrow, its his primary weapon, since it’s through an IDE developers get in touch with the codes, right from scratch to the final intricate details, like implementing small update works. IDE’s maximize the programmer productivity by providing him with all the necessary tools under a single roof. In addition, IDE’s provide error warnings even before the execution of the code, and a few do even have the ability to auto correct them.

IDEs are generally made either for a specific programming language, like Turbo C++ or for multiple programming languages like Eclipse, Notepad ++, et cetera.

Here we will take a look at a few IDEs for web developers and a few functions that an IDE must have to boost your web developmental tasks.

Basic Requirement

These are the few functions offered by IDEs which can improve the development efficiency and hence help you develop faster. These are just recommendations which we felt could necessarily boost your skills. We have to tell you that these will vary according to your taste, and that you are always welcome with your own suggestions. Post items which you feel are important in the
comments section.

The Switch between Document’s

It is necessary that the IDE must be able to open more than a single document in the same window. It is not unusual for you to work with more than one document simultaneously. It makes sure that there no loss of time when you switch between the files. If the IDE opens documents in different windows it works fine too, but it can eat up your memory a lot, thus slowing down your PC.

Sublime Text Editor with multiple documents opened in the same window.

Ability to open multiple files in the same window or another window will be handy if you are dealing with files in different languages like Javascript and HTML.

Line Number

Line number is a must have function for an IDE. Since debuggers inform only the line where the error occurred, line numbers make it easy to see, at a glance what is wrong at the concerned line, rather than counting each line, which is a really tedious job.

Syntax Coloring and Highlights

It is always a challenge to code without syntax highlighting. It is also a must have feature.

Programmer's notepad
Syntax Highlighting for PHPs in Programmer’s notepad

Since each attributes are given a different color accordingly, it helps you to track down all kinds of issues before they actually become a problem, as it will be having an odd color and makes debugging as simple as correcting a spelling as suggested by spell checker.

Syntax Coloring not only helps in solving issues by highlighting keywords of the supported languages in a different color, it also makes sure that you don’t misuse the keywords in other places, and helps to prevent further issues.

Code Balancing & Folding

Code balance helps to figure out the end of the function or the matching brace is to the opening brace.

Notepad+ highlights the end of matching brace automatically.

Fondling is useful features where the IDE hides the code from you and keeps the work area neat and clean. It’s a handy way to look through the codes and fold the section where the things are fine.

Save Opened Documents

Sublime Text Editor
Sublime Text Editor is one among the few IDE’s that support this feature.

Ability to open all the opened documents even next time you open the IDE is a necessary feature that you need to look for, it ensures that you have the entire edited document and this can prevent you from leaving the program incomplete. Which in turn creates an error.

Add on Features

An IDE equipped with all these features can really boost you up. In this we even got a few more functions that can come in handy most often and some unique features offered by IDE’s.

Search Internet

Notepad ++ comes with an inbuilt option to do a Google , Wikipedia & makes it easier to find the definition for functions and other elements in the code straight away. This feature can come in handy for a beginner.

Manage Web Sites

Adobe Dream Weaver

An IDE that can Managing website a whole website keeping the offline and online copy of files synchronized is amazing and makes the job easier.
Adobe Dream Weaver makes this possible.

Not Free, But Worth Checking Out.


Below we have a few examples of IDE’s that are used widely and has proved the stability.

NotePad ++ (Windows)


Notepad++ is a must-have IDE for every developer using Windows.
It come with syntax highlighters for every popular scripting language and it is usually a perfect fit for all kinds of web developmental purposes

It supports all the basic requirements as mentioned earlier making it the best and most widely user free and open IDE.

Programmer’s Notepad

Programmer's Notepad

The IDE supports many programming languages like C, C++, Fortran, Java, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python ,Ruby and more. Programmer’s Notepad is available in 5 different language

Sublime Text

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose.It supports huge variety of languages and has the ability to continue with opened document on next startup. The Syntax highlight is extraordinary =.

Sublime Text 2 may be downloaded and evaluated for free, however a license must be purchased for continued use. There is currently no enforced time limit for the evaluation

To Configuring Sublime Text 2 check Ross Hunter Article on



gedit is a text editor for the GNOME desktop environment, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. Designed as a general purpose text editor, gedit emphasizes simplicity and ease of use

gedit includes Line numbers,Text wrapping,Bracket matching,A complete online user manual and more.

Wrapping UP

As a Web Developer or programmer you are gonna be spending a lot of time looking at your IDE or Text editors, so if don’t already have a relay good IDE you gonna need one.

The above mentioned features are a few thing which are necessary for a text editor you may have your own list. It is necessary to find a text editor of your choice that helps you works in your maximum potential.

All the IDE’s mentioned in this article expect Adobe Dreamweaver are Free Software, it’s not necessary that you need to use a premium IDE, it’s you choice to choose which one.

Which is your favorite IDE ? Is there any thing we missed here? Share it in the comment.