Imagine for a second you just got the Latest Mobile device in the Market & booted it up and find it has only the functions of a Pager (also known as a beeper)…..What……. its gonna the worst thing you can imagine for a century or your life. Wondered why ….?


It’s because lack of functions that you have thought would be present with the evolution of devices in these years. The same is case with M Dot website


It’s always sad to say goodbye, but we have to when needed. M-Dot website are history now if you are working to get one for your business its time to take a break and start redesigning your business website to adopt the devices than adopting yourself to devices.

Gone were the days of early smart phone era, where the web was slow on Mobile due to many factors like :

  • Heavy weight of web at the time: Image rich designs
  • Slow connectivity on Mobile devices: GPRS, EDGE networks
  • Rendering ability of device software. Lack of browser support
  • Lack of technology in web. Older CSS and HTML
  • Infancy of Pinch to zoom: Devices use Track Pad, D-Pad and Single Touch Screens

To over come these problems a quick fix was a shrink-ed version of the original website with less images and self decided necessary features , highlighted because in most cases the designers & developers themselves decide the requirements of these M-Dot sites and remove the other contents.

These small versions weren’t great, but was a lot better than the giants, now time has passed by just like you expected to get more than a pager or Beeper functions your user too like to do more.

As of now most of the problems the early smartphone era faced has been able to solve by technology. High Memory, High speed LTE networks, advancement and familiarization of touch screens, the advancement in web technologies CSS and HTML has enabled to do far more than expectations of those days.

This thoughts came to my mind after I opened up the webpage I designed for my project Mobiopush on my a 2008 Phone, the responsive design was usable couldn’t get a screen shot as the device didn’t support one, I don’t know why I thought of this but it was fun looking back at the old tech and the way its struggling to support the advancements.

There is more than user experience for reason to dick the M-Dot site.

  • Maintenance : If you spell update you always have 2 copies of code to edit.
  • Multiple URL’s : what ever redirection you do, you cannot prevent users from using mobile site URL in sharing, I have seen people sharing mobile website even email for references.
  • SEO : issues with multiple link
  • more …

M-Dot sites have become the tools of cave men, and with the user’s push for a single site why aren’t we is the only question.