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A couple of months ago I had to do some search over the status of M-Dot website for a project I was working on, along with it I did find other facts on Responsive Design. It was very clear that web was going responsive since the inception of the concept 5 years ago. Since then every redesign or new design thinking had Responsive in checklist.

But for last couple of years the Mobile devices has show a higher increase in users, along with it brought the question whether its time to move to mobile Applications instead of websites. There’s no doubt that having mobile apps for the major platforms is better than having no app’s.

Taking the case of E-commerce companies, its evident that they will become M-commerce companies. It is quite possible for m-commerce to become even bigger than e-commerce in future especially where there are millions of mobile subscribers. Now majority of transactions come from mobile phones, as consumer logging from a mobile is much more technology friendly as compared to web user, and in today’s world mostly people check, purchase visit the website on mobile itself.

Though these facts and the analytic data has proven that Mobile applications can promise more sales than a mobile friendly website as it can stop comparative shopping and may Indian E-commerce have take the step but what it doesn’t prove is whether it brings happy user or not, in fact majority of the users I could personally ask claim they are more likely to purchase from a mobile-friendly website and responsive design specifically. I couldn’t find a reliable study over this so I cant give more info over here. But all I can promise its not yet ready to skip the web.

A few reason to keep your a responsive website alive are

  • Search Engines prioritize websites with mobile support. (Google’s guideline on Mobile web)
  • Provides seamless option for users as it doesn’t require user to spend extra data in downloading the application not get restricted due to hardware support issue or other.
  • Can reduce IT budget.
  • and more..

These bundle of features are enough to conclude the fact web presence is still required even if you can present with a mobile application.

Before closing in I would like to show case a few examples of industries working with non IT materials responded to the current web demands to show the mobile presence.

ActuatorZone deals with actuators and other engineering products opted a Responsive design.

BuyMachineryNow is a used machinery marketplace adopted a responsive approach to bring in mobile presence.