In this article the complete description HTML TITLE TAG

All search engines like Google, Yahoo and AltaVista show your title tag. And with this title tag you are able to influence your search results with the search engines and the click behavior of the surfer on the internet. Always try to come up with a relevant and attractive title for every page of your website.

relevant and attractive phrase

The title is the first (usually clickable) phrase you see as a search result. The best thing to do is to make the title no longer than 100 character’s. You should see the title as a short commercial message that has to attract your visitor.

Meta Meter


The title is the first impression people get of your website. It has to persuade them to click on your link and not the link of your competitor.
It’s very important that the title is clickable. By using the title you can influence click behavior. So it is very important to come up with a fantastic title. Make sure you make up a unique title for every page of your website. Many website builders don’t make proper titles. They use a so called template and you are only able to fill out Meta tags once. Those tags will be used for every webpage of your website. So the same Meta tags on every page. This is fatal for your change to get a good listing in the index of a search engine.

  1. do not use keywords more than once in the title
  2. use caracters like () * and | to make a sentence easy to read
  3. put a call-to-action in the title. Stimulate a click, ask for an order!