META Name Description

In this article the complete description about META Name Description.

To explain you visitor the contents of a page in 2 or 3 phrases you use the so called DESCRIPTION tag. Google speaks of Meta Description, Meta Descriptions or Meta description problems.

Almost all the major search engines like Yahoo, Google, Fast and Altavista will use your description tag. You have a direct input on the way people will see your website in the list of results. And because you control this you can influence the click-behavior.

Meta Meter


It’s very important that you use the keywords you want your site to be found under, in your DESCRIPTION tag. The more frequently a search engine spider finds a certain word on your website and in your Meta tags; it values that word as important. Your site will be positioned higher in the search index.

If you are a user of google web master tools , there is a specific page to inform about meta description, as its very important to get you page rank. It informs you for duplicate meta description , short and long meta description,.

Try to give each page of your website a relevant title, description and keywords that correspond with the text on your website. A visitor will find the exact information within your website, on the correct page.

A well-formed description tag will be shown directly by e.g. Google. That’s why the description tag is also named the