I was working on a verification system for Mobiopush, it’s gonna help the customers to verify whether they have installed the code to use Push Notifications for their registered domain properly or not. .

We use a single line JavaScript code with the site Identification part at the end of src. I had managed to extract the JS code they might have installed on their website and have them in a string its simple just check whether the src point to correct domain or not, But now a new problem is set because of the method we practiced. ( I will share how I extracted the code from customer website soon)

Sample installation code for Mobiopush

Since we use the identification ID at end of src tag of java script all website will have a unique src, It’s just another String Manipulation task to be done.

If you have been a Computer Science Major or had opted Computer Science in high School this is a piece of cake. You probably might have solved a similar problem. An example will be Find how many vowels are present in “MISSISSIPPI” or some other word, if you had a professor who wants to push his students to limit might ask you to count number of ‘s’ in word. It would have been in C or C++ where strings are easy to handle just for the fact they are used in basic forms, I didn’t mean its difficult in PHP its simple as its there, but you were not spoon feed’ed in C or C++ where as in PHP you are.

I do have an advantage here, the ID is present only at the end of the string and the size of ID is constant for all customers which allows me to use a combination of strpos() and substr(). But your problem can be different the ID could either be at the end of the URL string or in the middle (any way it not the begin for sure :p ). I just thought to make a snippet for the worst case.

$string = "cdn.mobiopush.com/mobio.js?mobio_sitekey=e667bf06f6f57ca1bc68b9418173631b";
for ($i=0; $i < strlen($string); $i++){
	if(strcmp($string{$i},"=") == 0){
			$key= $site_key.$string{$k};
		        $i = $k;
		$url = $url.$string{$i};

At the end of the run you will have the key in $key and rest of the string in $url. If you don't want the part after the ID you been looking for replace $i = $k by a break its gonna break the parent form traversing further and exit.

With the two key done I am ready to move with my verification processes, hope you too are gonna be ready open doors after this.