As always we want December to be memorable month, here is a few reason I think why its so

  • It’s the end of Calender year ( always will be :p)
  • It’s a Holiday season & Christmas.
  • It’s time when review of occurring are published ( all fields like Tech, Cars,…. etc) and we love watching it.
  • We search for new resolutions for the upcoming year..
  • More …. ( I am done with this now)

So this is my favorite part, I bring the happenings of the web in one place to check back later. Lets make use of this auto happy month. As usual I will cover change in Web Page Size, Screen Resolution (share), Browsers (share), Web Technologies and any other thing that catches my eyes

The last statistics I published was way back in May 2014 , World Wide Web in the Middle of 2014 after I missed the 2013 due to lack of time so here is a small report of 2014.

Web Page Size

The average web page size is on the very edge to cross 2MB expecting the barrier in 2015, 1775 KB to 1958KB is a slow increase in 6 months compared to the previous half.

Average Webpage Size 2014

The decrease in rate can be accounted to practices like ASYNC loading, lazy loading, etc which load content only when user comes to it and crawlers get only the first contents.

Flash still tops the share in this web page size with 100+KB followed by Images.

Average Webpage Size Share 2014

Contribution to total page size from Flash is expected to show a further decrease with time with the activities happening in the internet. 1) browser vendors blocking Flash content by default (those contents can be enabled by user at his will later but you know they are lazy :p ), 2) vulnerabilities spreading towards the users and more.

These figures are extracted from HTTP archive graphical data, and rounded off to make them easily comparable.

Screen Resolution

We do have a noticeable change here 1366x768 resolution has moved on to 1st sport which is no big surprise tablets, Mobiles and Laptops are increasing and this is a kind of standard resolution in most devices.


At the same time the Full HD resolutions are also rising, this can be accounted to the high end devices in all categories. Drop is UN-known resolution is good news that device manufactures are sticking to an unofficial standards which is music to Designers and Developers on web.

SourceStat Counter Global stats

Web Browsers

The Battle fields has always been improvising and will be as long as the web stays open and free.

Web Browsers in 2013-2014

Google chrome maintains to show a growth rate of 5% in this year which is a good figure, with increased speed, easier interface and support for web technologies makes it no wounder for the growth.

IE stands at number two showing a steady decrease in users share, followed by Mozilla Firefox with a small drop in user share compare to the past year.

Moving down the line Apple Safari and Opera struggles to keep themselves alive in the market with less than 10%. Apple safari did managed to gain more users with the new elegant design and usability options in new versions launched the calender year.

Note : The following review was made based on the report from Stat counter Global stats which is made base on the reports received to stat counter, the actual share value may change.

Web Technologies

Moving on to the technological part of the web, browser support has grown. All browser vendors have made significant improvements to increase support for web technologies.

Test scores of browser support for HTML5 run by HTML5TEST rated out of 555 points

  • Google Chrome : 512
  • Opera : 504
  • Mozilla Firefox : 475
  • Apple Safari : 429
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer : 376

Except Microsoft Internet Explorer others showed a small increase in technology support, with Google Chrome topping the table.

Web Notifications

Notifications coming on to website is a good news for “user engagement team” around the world, that means you can now re-engage your users once they left your place like the ones possible on Mobile apps before.

I was a little busy for a few months building Mobio Push a Notifications for Websites,that is what made tech stream go out of new articles I think I am a little off now and promise to bring back more useful tutorials. With all things happening and many to happen lets hope for a better 2015.

Happy new year folks…!