Site Builders

Web site builders are the software used for constructing websites without actual coding.
There are two type of website builder :

    1)On-line tools provided by the webhost.
    2)Offline software which run on a computer.

On-line site builder

There are many tools available for creating website free and paid ones. But the quality offered by the free ones is not so good.

The range of services varies from basic personal web pages or social network to complete business/e-commerce websites, either template based or – on the more flexible platforms – totally design free.

The main advantage of an online website builder is that it is quick and easy to use, and does not require any experience. Often a website can be built and be up and running live on the Internet quickly. Technical support is usually provided, as are how to video and help files. This makes online website builders ideal for the beginner.

Sites are generally created using either HTML or Adobe Flash. HTML is a standard format supported by all browsers.

Some recommended online site builders

    1)Yola (webhost)

Offline site builders

Offline site builders also come as freeware, shareware and open source.
The latest offline builder written was adobe Dreamweaver CS 5, written in C++, it has established as the as the industry leader.

Some recommended offline site builders

    1)WYSIWYG ™
    2)Adobe Dreamweaver ™.

But most of the professional programmers still prefer to write optimized markup by hand. It is the easiest way according to us, the site Tech Stream is hand written by our group.

Hand written code is best as it makes editing easier and avoids further problems to search engines crawlers to navigate.

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