Music BELL

Here is a music bell that you can use it as door bell or in any of your projects accoding to the need.
Here we have used IC UM66 music is that has 64 notes in its ROM.

Music bell


Part list
C1 220 uf, 16v
Q1 BC 148
Q2 BC 148
IC-1 UM 66
S1 8 ohm Speaker


The IC can directly drive a micro buzzer but requires a driver stage to operate a speaker. IC UM66 comprises of a ROM memory of 64 notes and has a built in oscillator and a preamplifier.
Transistor Q1 and Q2 constitute the complimentary symmetry audio amplifier that generates sufficient driver power for the speaker.
You can connect a push button switch between leg 1 of IC and the positive terminal of the battery.