Free ware and open source

Freeware is computer software that is available for use at no cost or for an optional fee.But under one or more restricted usage rights.
The source code is not given for free .The definition of free ware is published by Richard Stall man’s free software foundation.

Free software is made of liberty, not priced.To understand the concept,you should think of “free “as in “free speech”,not as in “free beer”. Free software is the matter of theusers freedom to run,copy, distribute,study,change and improve the software.

    More precisely it refers to four kind of freedom.
    1) The freedom to run the program, for any purposr.(freedom 0).
    2) The freedom to study how the program works and adopt it to your needs (Freedom1). Acess to source code is precondition for this.
    3) The freedom to redistribute the copies so the you can help your neighbors.(freedom2)
    4) The freedom to improve the program and release the improvement to the public , so that the whole community benefits (freedom3). Acess to the source code is precondition for this.

A program is free software if the users have all this freedom.
In open source the source code is visible to the public. But in free ware it is not this is the main difference between the both.