Mac Ubuntu

In this tutorial we will show you how to make linux look like MAC OS X.

Mac Ubuntu is a package made for those who need mac but not able to afford one. It is a legal package, since mac is Linux and Ubuntu is also Linux.
To get started first you need to download the files from macubunt web site

Then extract the file in some place and then open a terminal and in single quotes type the location of the file, then hit enter.<

install mac ubuntu

IF YOU ARE NOT ON A UBUNTU LINUX THEN TYPE ” force exiting “after typing the location of and closing the bracket.

                 force exiting
install mac ubuntu

Then choose the language, be careful when choosing if you choose a wrong language it can be hard to get back to English.

install mac ubuntu

Then select the effects that you needed after installing the package.

install mac ubuntu

Then reboot the system.

In some package the menu still appears on the window not on the bar it is because
the global menu has failed to install, I have seen it is common in many cases.
You don’t have to remove it and install it again you can fix that by just installing global menu.

install mac ubuntu

Just open a terminal and type

 sudo app-get install gnome2-globalmenu

Then just log off and login you are done you have a perfect mac like effect with linux.