Open source

The term open source describes production and development that promote access to the end product’s source materials. Before the term open source became widely adopted, developers and producers used a variety of phrases to describe the concept.
open source gained hold with the rise of the Internet, and the attendant need for massive retooling of the computing source code. Opening the source code enabled a self-enhancing diversity of production models, communication paths, and interactive communities.
Subsequently, the new phrase “open-source software” was born to describe the environment that the new copyright, licensing, domain, and consumer issues created.

A main principle and practice of open-source software development is peer production by bartering and collaboration, with the end-product, source-material, “blueprints,” and documentation available at no cost to the public.

The concept of open source and the free sharing of technological information existed long before computers.

Some Open source softwares.

Application software

7-Zip file archiver
Blender 3D graphics editor
Mozilla Firefox web browser
Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client

Operating systems

Linux operating systems
symbian mobile operating system
ReactOS operating system