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Hello World is the very first line of code written by many people to learn coding, Being the simplest program that can be written in any language it has become the standard beginner program. Even in Devices without Displays, a signal light to stimulate the Hello World. Even experienced programmers use Hello World to learn new languages.

With Hello World being used in many areas for the purpose of learning, there can be a question that appears in front of you when teaching how to code, What is Hello World ..? . The same question from my friend is what inspired me to write this.

Why “Hello World”

The primary reason why I made this post is because a few friend of mine asked me the following question, when I was teaching him Python.

why do we start coding with a Hello World, which does no good than teach how to print a text, it can be understood even if there are some other functions.

I do agree with the fact that he had a small programming experience earlier, but later I began to think the same, so here is my view about the concept of starting with Hello World .

The very basic purpose of a Hello World program is to make a simple program that has no logic operations are involved in it, so there is no necessary to explain what is done with in the program.

Here are a few more objectives behind the Hello World :

  • Provides exposes to the programming world : There is a high change for the user being completely new to the programming world, so this being the first line of code he makes definitely will give an exposure to the world of codes.

  • Introduces IDE & Functions: as mentioned above the chances the user being completely new is high, so there is a necessary to let them know about the Integrated Development Environment, their function & more. Hello Wold being a program with no logic this can server as a perfect platform to introduce the IDE.

    Gedit is an ease of use, a powerful general purpose text editor.

    This also applies to existing programmer if he is learning a language that uses a specific IDE, like Microsoft Visual Basic which is supported only by Visual Basic.

    Microsoft Visual Basic
    Microsoft Visual Basic is an IDE & third-generation event-driven programming language. Image Source : WikiPedia

  • Introduces the Print functions 🙂 : Yes, this is the sole purpose of this, there is no doubt that anyone who made a Hello World can make a program to just print some text.

    Print Functions

  • Provides a glance of Language Syntax : although it doesn’t have any function expect the print, most languages need additional libraries even for the use of print function.

    It does introduces basic syntax of the language, it servers excellently here as well, no doubt about it.

  • and more ….

Even I didn’t think about all these advantages of a Hello World program before I made this post, I know there are more & waiting to know more. Let me know them via comments.

Make Sure to Read the Hello World Jock resulted from Free Software foundation’s Mailing list, how the way people code “Hello World” varies depending on their age and job: