Started to fix a broken layout in iPad’s, it turned out to a complete revamp so I think its enough to call it the next version, here is the description of what I did.

Unlike Tech Stream V2 where the main concentration was with design , V3 was concentric on performance and fixing the flaws left in the v2. Here are the changes that happed in v3 :


Not much in color but a lot in styles, at last I have changed my mind towards simplicity that’s the reason for Version 2 being more simpler, but it was little too complex and cluttered in places, being a content focused blog I removed all the unnecessary parts in V2 filled them up with more white space,

Tech Stream V2 Templates
Tech stream V2 Design layouts

Tech Stream V3 Templates
Tech Stream v3 Design layouts

Web users love to scroll so I added enough space to make contents more readable, more over white space doesn’t cost any bandwidth or load time :p.

Frame Work

I am getting busy with works so I convinced my mind to use framework for front-end tasks, so I moved to Foundation. Don’t ask why not Bootstrap


This is a region where I did a lot of experiments this season and I will release a dedicated article on my learnings over the font selection. I have tested over 20 different fonts and settled with these:

  1. Headings : Merriweather Sans for large text as they are legible themselves without the requirement of serifs, Merriweather is released in SIL Open Font License, 1.1
  2. For body and content : Merriweather the serif version of Merriweather, its a font designed to be a text face that is pleasant to read on screens, its also released in SIL Open Font License, 1.1

Content Management System

This is the best part of Version 3, the backend just got changed from bottom- up to a MVC architecture system on php ( no change here now ), and the source is on Github under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. Simple and easy to use CMS designed, made for me 🙂

Unlike last time I haven’t left much works on todo list but there are a few future list to improve the editor and more.

This is gonna be my new home until I search and find the version 4.