After exiting my first startup I was on plan for the next, domain names was one of initial blocker I encountered, I happen to spend a few days on this. These were a few of my findings hope it helps others.

Thought the name sounds little chemistry :P, I couldn’t find a good name & didn’t want to spend more time finding.

The most important thing that you need when you want to build your business these days is the domain name since people from all around the world are now using the Internet to look for various service and product providers. A domain name is basically your own personal on-line real estate property that you use to promote what you currently offer. Because of this, a really good domain name is necessary for you.

There are no 2 domain names that are the same. As soon as your desired domain name is registered by someone else, it will be tough to get it in the future. It may become one of the numerous popular premium domain names, which would cost more. With this in mind, you do want to hurry and you want to be sure that you grab a very good domain as soon as possible. The tips below can help you to make your choice a lot faster.

Always Choose Simplicity!

The domain that you choose needs to be straightforward and simple. This is one of the most important things that you want to consider since you want something that is really easy to remember. That can so easily enhance the business brand. Try to avoid numbers and dashes as much as possible. Recognizable and common words are normally the best.

Choose A Relevant Domain Name!

You should only use a domain name that is relevant for the business that you start or that you build a site for. If it is possible, the domain name should be exactly the same as the current business name. if this is something that is not possible, you will want to make it as relevant as possible with the use of the relevant keywords.

Try To Keep The Domain Name Short!

The domain name that you choose should be short. This is because shorter names are naturally easier to remember. Also, people will not make typing errors by mistake when a domain name is quite short. However, it is important to consider the two factors above first.

Easy Spelling Is Best!

You should never be really clever when referring to spelling. Speak your domain aloud. If you have problems with this, there is a huge possibility that people will have spelling problems.

Choose A Suitable Extension!

At the moment, we have to acknowledge the fact that there are many different extensions that are available. You are no longer restricted to .com and just a few other choices. Businesses normally opt for .com, .biz or .net domain names. However, you can make modifications. As an extra related tip, try to get as many extensions as possible of the domain name since that would help you market in the future and avoid people that would try to steal your idea.

On the whole, the tips above can help you out a lot. Do make sure that you take as much time as possible to be sure that you are going to make a very good choice.