The demand for cross-platform mobile development has significantly increased in recent years. Although cross-platform development does have certain disadvantages, it allows reducing development time and costs, which is a great advantage for many companies. Luckily, there are lots of cross-platform development tools that allow building excellent apps that look and feel native on multiple platforms and devices.

The following are 5 best cross-platform tools for mobile development:


According to numerous statistics data, Xamarin is the most popular and widely used cross-platform development framework. It offers a variety of powerful features that make apps development more simple and efficient. Xamarin developers think that it is the best choice for large and complex projects. This tool not just makes app development faster, it allows testing apps and fixing bugs right in the cloud. Moreover, viral tests can be done on more than one thousand different devices. Xamarin is a number one choice for such well-known companies as IBM, Microsoft, Dow Jones and Foursquare.


This is another well-known cross-platform framework, known for its rich set of powerful features. PhoneGap is free to use and is currently based on the open source Apache Cordova project. Being compatible with seven most popular platforms it allows developing applications with a native shell for each targeted platform. Its pliant UI language makes apps development less complicated and time-consuming. Apps created with PhoneGap can be easily shared with the other team members who can give their reviews.


For a great number developers, Unity is the best choice for creating games. In other words, this is a powerful game engine that allows building fantastic games with fabulous graphics. Unity makes it possible to create games for seventeen different platforms, including Xbox, Linux, Playstation and Wii. This tool does a lot more than just allowing you to create excellent games, it helps distributing them to the suitable stores, monitoring user analytics and even getting social shares.


With Sencha you can develop cross-platform applications in HTML5 and then using PhoneGap convert them into native applications. In fact, Sencha provides several cross-platform development tools but Ext JS 5 is its main product for the moment.

As an authorized partner of xamarin, creates oustanding cross-platform applications using this tool. However, if you have any other preferences, the company will easily adjust to your specific needs. They have a wealthy experience in using diverse cross-platform development tools.