Odds are you’ve heard all about how ‘powerful’ videos can be and how much ‘potential’ they have to increase conversions. Make no mistake all that is true, and indeed videos have consistently been shown to be able to increase conversion rates on websites by a significant margin.

But knowing that videos can increase conversion rates and using them to increase conversion rates are two entirely different things. For the latter, you need to know the best ways in which videos can be used to increase conversion rates on websites.

1. Videos on landing pages

On landing pages, videos have been shown to be capable of increasing conversion rates by 80% or more. The videos normally occupy an extremely prominent position, as they are designed to be the first thing that a visitor sees so that the video can then immediately pique their interest.

Product demonstration videos

Arguably the most effective way to use videos on ecommerce websites is in the form of product videos that demonstrate a product’s features and what benefits it can provide. Typically these videos tend to not be overly promotional, and instead focus on appealing to potential customers and convincing them to make the decision to buy the product.

Pre-selling and generating targeted traffic

It may surprise you to know but one of the best ways to use videos to increase conversion rates on websites is by publishing them elsewhere. By using video marketing to generate targeted traffic that is pre-sold to some degree or other, the conversion rate of your website will increase as well. Normally informative and helpful videos such as guides, tutorials and tips are used for this purpose.

Personalised videos

Another way to use videos to tangentially increase conversion rates is by sending personalized videos to existing customers to build a strong relationship with them. Via this method, you stand the chance of gaining repeat customers which will translate into an improvement to your overall website conversion rate as well.

As you can see there are quite a number of ways in which you can use videos to increase your website’s conversion rates. Depending on your circumstances, you should be able to figure out which method will work best and is most likely to increase conversions when applied to your website.

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