MySQL is one of the world’s most popular database management system. Also, it is worth noting that it is the second most used relational database in the world. The latest version of MySQL is one of the world’s most popular databases.

MySQL Setup

What makes it so popular?

1. Ease of use

No one wants to work with a system that will put them at their wit’s end. Unlike the other database systems, MySQL possesses ease of use. It all starts with downloading. It only takes fifteen minutes, and it is ready for use. The beauty of this database system is that all programmers have a knack of it. It comes as an advantage to your organization as you will not have to direct more resources, in time and money towards training your staff on how to handle it. The simplicity also comes with an added advantage; it is fast. You could put it to the test by performing a MySQL backup.

2. A big support community

With MySQL, you do not have to worry about finding your way around the system. One is because it is easy to use and administer. Two is because you have a big support system. Since the system is available at no extra charge, it has attracted a wide array of users. The users have further formed a support community where you can discuss any issues surrounding the system. With that, if you run into a problem, it will be easier for you to have it solved.

3. High-performance

A high perfuming system is always a must. No one wants to work with an unstable system as it will only slow you down. That is not something that you will encounter with MySQL. The performance is out of this world. You are talking about a system that is capable of working flawlessly. Its ability to also work with magnanimous e-commerce applications is just impressive. With MySQL, you can expect an efficient and high-speed transaction and handling of millions of queries effortlessly.

4. Scalability

MySQL WorkBench

You want a system that is able to grow at the same pace that your business grows. The good thing about MySQL is that it is also flexible and allows you to pick what best suits your business. MySQL goes further ahead and also facilitates the management of other applications in big data centers.

5. Integrity in financial transactions

MySQL is the only data management system that you can count on to keep your money secure. How does it achieve this/ well, it is pretty simple. This is what happens. MySQL transactions work as a single unit. What that means is no transaction is cleared the individual operations have been completed successfully. How does that provide security for the customer’s money? No funds are debited until all transactions have been cleared. If one of them fails, then the money is reversed.

6. Accessibility

The other reason as to why you would want to work with MySQL is because it is readily available.
It is only with this database that you get to enjoy a constant uptime. If you want to work uninterrupted, then MySQL is something that you should totally go for. The system is able to handle any amounts of data and queries.

7. Reliability

MySQL is a system that you can rely on to give you a wide array of things. That goes all the way from high performance, tight security and around-the-clock availability. When looking for a data management system, those are the things that you should be looking for. The data backup and recovery process with the management is also one that you can rely on.

8. Quick-start

The other advantage of MySQL database management system is that it gives you a quick start. It does not take you forever to get started right from the download. It has automatic configurations that allow space expansion and auto restart among other functions.

More organizations and developers have entrusted MySQL in helping them carry out different operations. The services offered by this database management system is exceptional. As seen from the points above, you will be missing out on excellent performance if you are not using this MySQL system.