When you learn about increasing conversion rates you always get to know the basics like photo use, headlines, CTAs, product photo placements and similar. However, when you want to take things further and fine tweak for maximum conversions, you have to look at the lesser-known things nobody really talks about. When conversion rates are not as high as they could be, it is possible there are some issues that are underlying and affecting conversions. Here are some facts you have to analyze.


CAPTCHAs are designed to be spam stoppers but what you might not know is that it is possible to hurt your conversions when they are used. That is simply because people want a really fast experience. Having to fill CAPTCHAs will always reduce conversion rates while not having it just brings in some SPAM. Failed
conversions always increase when CAPTCHAs are added.

Recommended option is to ask user to fill CAPTCHA if something fishy happens, a incomplete form submission or spammy emails in the form.

Site Speed

Some people know this but few actually realize how important it is. Most people want their online shopping experience to be as fast as possible. When this does not happen it is a certainty that many potential customers are going to just leave before the conversion happens.

Site speed depends on a lot of factors starting from the code the website runs on to the network and the servers. Excluding the first part rest depends on the Hosting company, so its better to have a look around review before opting one like Top 10 Hosting Companies of 2017

Standard CTA Text

It is very important to A/B test CTA text for your need. Instead of just using the generic BUY or ADD TO CART options, something else that is much more targeted would be better. A really small change can so easily improve the site’s conversion rates at a significant rate.

Lack Of A/B Testing

In so many situations there are business managers that make various different changes and then just look at sales volumes. However, what they do not have is a system that would be used to test how effective the changes made were. As an example, when you increase product images you can have higher conversions but the site can end up losing traffic because loading times are higher. You want to always track all changes and how they impact all factors of importance when it comes to conversions.

Expired Offers or discount Codes

It’s very necessary to keep the offers and its terms updated, especially the validity and terms of offer. Its better to get coupon codes removed as and when they expire. Non working code will not only prevent the sale it can also prevent future sale form the customer.

Another option is to add some sort of discount code automatically at the checkout phase. Even something really small can work.