SEO with images

In this article we will take a look at what effects can images have on Optimizing your site for search engine
Search Engine optimisation with images

Many blogger?s add images to their blog post to make the posts look good; to give brief information about what the post is doing. But what a lot of people don?t know that you can do lot of SEO work with this. Though search engines can?t look the information in that image without some behind the screens data or Meta data with that image.

There are three things that you need to be concerned about for optimizing this image to geta good SEO ranking

  1. File name
  2. Alternate text
  3. Title

Provide a valid and good easily understandable name to the file, it can even be the key word or even the title of the post, Alternate texts are shown when the image fails to load as its name indicate but for search engines that is only thing that they can see, so better keep up with a good alternant text that describes the brief about the post. Follow the same with title as well.

All the three can have same things but ´ recommended to have them different, so you can get ranked for different key words, but make sure you stick to the post content.

With these three attributes the search engines can understand what the image is about and index them and display them for relevant key words in image searches, with that you can have visitors to your site.

When you have a secondary image in a post make sure these two images contain entirely different stuffs, ´ better to leave it as normal to keep the things a bit natural.