End of 2015 approaches and it’s time to evaluate what has happened in the past 330 Days of Internet.

Why do I do this.? to bring a few noticeable advancements of the web in one place to check back later. As usual I will cover change in Web Page Size, Screen Resolution (share), Browsers (share), Web Technologies and any other thing that catches my eyes

At the end looking at old status give me a feeling I’m living in future 😀

The last statistics I published was way back in December 2014 , World Wide Web at the End of 2014.

Web Page Size

Average page size crossed 2MB in the March. It showed an increment from 1931 KB to 2219 KB in this calender year, that is 15% more increase compared to previous year.

Page size in 2015

Flash has gone out of the list in top component contribution, thanks to HTML 5.

Components contribution to page size

The flash had a slow death over years and it seems taking its last breath, HTML 5 is ready for the next, its possible to do Internet speed check on Speedtest.net with HTML5 technology .

These figures are extracted from HTTP archive graphical data, and rounded off to facilitate comparison.

Web Browsers

The battle field is getting small changes for the second and third sport. Microsoft’s new Edge seems to bring more users making it stand in 2nd position.

Web Browser share 2015

  • Google Chrome : 50.13%
  • Edge / IE : 18.07%
  • Firefox : 16.22%
  • Safari : 10.03%
  • Opera : 1.66%
  • Other : 3.89%

Google Chrome crossed its usage share to half of the industry this calender, Microsoft is looking for a comeback with Edge on the new windows OS.

Mozilla is struggling to keep Firefox browser users experimenting with new techniques and so far no significant changes have happened, being only browser designed with user at first hope things work out this coming year.

Note : The following review was made based on the report from Stat counter Global stats which is made base on the reports received to stat counter, the actual share value may change.

Screen Resolutions

No change with the leader 1366x768, down the line the full HD resolution has jumped to the second spot with about 11% market share, this is no surprise as the 1920x1080 screens were crossing the other resolutions to gain second slot by the end of 2014 itself.

Screen resolutions

With more pixels coming to smaller screens let’s hope to find a new set by the end of 2016.

These figures are extracted from HTTP archive graphical data, and rounded off to facilitate comparison.

Web Technologies

Moving on to the technological part of the web, browser support has grown. All browser vendors have made significant improvements to increase support for web technologies.

Test scores of browser support for HTML5 run by HTML5TEST rated out of 555 points

  • Google Chrome : 526
  • Opera : 525
  • Mozilla Firefox : 467
  • Apple Safari : 396
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer/Edge : 402

Chrome again leads the battle for technology support by Opera by one point. Microsoft is getting ready for a comeback with a significant increase in support.

Other technologies

These are a few advancements that entered the world this 2015.

  • Let’s Encrypt : New Certificate Authority to make HTTPS server and have it automatically obtain a browser-trusted certificate, without any human intervention. Read Let’s encrypt documentation. This has in public beat now.
  • HTTP 2.0 The standard has just been finalized, leading browsers are beginning to support it, a few advancements in HTTP 2.0

Many to happen lets hope for a better 2016. This is a list of web components that I worked with or work I record for easy reference in future.

Happy 2016 in advance.