Online shopping and ecommerce are evolving with an enormous speed. The demand for web-based stores is not going to fade soon, as buying goods online is extremely conveniently. A great popularity of online shopping triggered the uprise of numerous web-based stores that allow eCommerce merchants discover endless benefits of doing business online.

To make eCommerce websites more attractive and customer-friendly, site owners use various specialized tools and applications, aimed at improving the functionality of their websites. The implementation of such tools is beneficial not only for the website visitors, but for merchants as well, as they make website management easier and more efficient. Having a reliable Content Management System is an absolute must to make money online. The following are 5 most popular Content Management Systems used by offshore web development companies like and others.


One of the main peculiarities of OpenCart is its comprehensible UI that makes the process of website development and modification pretty easy. This eCommerce platform offers lots of customization options and gives a full control over the shipping features. OpenCart is the best choice for small and medium-sized businesses.


Nearly half of all eCommerce sites use Magento. This incredibly popular eCommerce platform has a huge community and is a number one choice for any PHP development company.The number of stackoverflow questions is pretty huge, and thousands of companies across the globe are looking for Magento developers. These are just a few facts proving reliability, stability and popularity of this CMS.

Key advantages of using Magento:

Easy to install. The installer does the job for you and great online docks support users.
Open source. This means community contributes to the project, making it better and better.
PHP-based. This is the most popular script language ever that is highly appreciated by PHP developers.
Lots of models, both free and commercial. Magento is very modular.
Huge community, lots of guides, online help resources, step-by-step tutorials.

Business Catalyst

This powerful eCommerce platform is ideal for building small and medium size websites. Business Catalyst offers a number of useful features necessary for building a user-friendly websites with forums, blogs and shopping cars. This CMS is easy to install and comes with a detailed and easy to comprehend analytics that makes it easier to monitor and evaluate customer activity. With Business Catalyst one can build an excellent web-based store that is easy to manage. A simple and concise UI is yet another advantage of using this Content Management System. As a full-featured hosted CMS, Business Catalyst offers a great support over live chat, email and phone.


This PHP-based content management system is written with the oscommerce GPL code. This CMS uses XHTML 1.1 and is compliant with all modern web standards. osCSS can be downloaded and distributed absolutely for free. When using osCSS for your eCommerce website, you always have a comprehensive idea of how your products are displayed on the websites and shipped.


This open source content management system is rich in numerous beneficial features that make eCommerce business management a lot more easier and efficient. PrestaShop gives you a comprehensive control over the orders and inventory and allows managing your online business in real-time. Another valuable benefit of using PrestaShop is a great number of customizing options it comes with. This powerful eCommerce platform is available for free.