The following is a mixture of contents that went through my mind when I thought of the head aches a developer can face in future I don’t know why it came up but, this is not a horoscope or a prediction to future of web.

Mobile it was, the first device to change the way we looked the internet form the bulky machine on desk to a hand held devices thinner than books in Libraries. This was a transformation in 15 years, which only a few imagined 15 years ago. This sure is a moment of prestige for mankind but for a Developer and Designers this is a nightmare, an exciting one indeed.

The web, a canvas that emerged nearly 20 years ago build for the modern devices of the time, Desktops computers has evolved in every form. In this article we are gonna be concentrating on the advancement in the medium web is viewd or where the design comes to action. Gone were the time designers could design the web with target device in mind, Now its not even able to guess the list of devices that can view web.

Desktop ,Mobile,Tablet, Television, Glasses,Watches, Washing Machine, every device that comes with & without display …..

No matter how long it goes, all your customer look for is what they need, that’s the reason they tune to you and believe you will have what they want, your job is to be where & when they want it.

What’s next..?

These mobile devices are becoming the preferred method for online browsing than the traditional immovable devices, and if you want to survive in this device filled & emerging world, you need to give users a great experience wherever they live, because all that matter to a business is customers and they want good experience in all forms they are gonna get to you, I found 2 way to do that

  1. Make yourself fit for medium : ensure the design can serve all mediums available and emerging.
  2. Be there at breakpoints : Make yourself available in mediums breakpoints, breakpoints are the transition line where changes happen it can be resolution, device etc. Then the users in between the breakpoint range can be served a version.

Medium refers to the device and form the web can be accessed in future :p.

How long till the next ..?

As of now Mobile and Desktop/Laptops remain the standard methods to browse the web, but no one could predict how long these old legends can keep up in hands of people.

With Mobile phones trending all around in 2016, I think they are gonna last some more time, what ‘some more’ means is unpredictable.

What is future safe..?

I don’t know if there is something like safe we can announce now,but there are some methods which needs to be improvised and made safe.

I think the web can share the precautions used in Geology to save lives from Earth Quake. With the help of new sensors the cracks in earth’s crust which cause the earth are identified and the area that’s gonna get effected are marked in order of safety.

This helps the construction engineers to take measures based on the probability of earth quake the structure should be able to withstand.

Earth Quake safe Zones

Source: NOAA National Geophysical Data Center

Even after predicting the movements there’s still chance the structures can collapse because future is unpredictable and it’s mother nature 🙂 whom Geology is dealing with. Similar is case with Web, with all market predictions things can change any time because, its future and they are users :D.

That’s about the future all we can do is make plans and invest time & resource to learn about it, but you never know exactly what’s coming.

A few measures Web Dev’s can employ to bring confidence to business like architects do with buildings.

Leave the web fluid : The first webpage made was fluid in all ways, we destroyed to make things fancy and it is fancy at the movement :D. its time to get it back to the way it started.

TheProject.html the first website

Design from content : Primary reason first web page fits in all modern device is because the design was made without thinking the devices or displays. This is the key for future as well

Guess that is all I have now about the future, I am sure there is more if you hit a measure let me know in comments I’ll get it here.

Hope best for future.