Why Should I Upgrade My Browser

Ensuring that the browser you are using is up-to date is a primary task every internet user should perform in order to to enjoy the experience designed by the designer after hours of bone breaking work
Why Should I Upgrade My Browser

A web browser is an application for retrieving and traversing information on the World Wide Web. Innovating and Developing new function in web browsers began in 1990 with WorldWideWeb (Later named Nexus) the first web browser by Tim Berners-Lee.

WorldWideWeb browser
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The WorldWideWeb was capable of browsing newsgroups, displaying basic style sheets,downloading file type supported by the NeXT system ,newsgroups, and spell checking. The images were displayed in separate windows, till NeXTSTEP’s Text class supported Image objects.

After WorldWideWeb saw a numerous other web browsers like ViolaWWW, Mosaic coming up with new features.

After the Microsoft OS Windows 95 OEM Service Release 1 started shipping with Internet Explorer 2 ( Internet Explorer 1 was only in the Plus! add-on pack for Windows 95) en-marked the beginning of IE era.

Internet Explorer 2. Image Credit:Wiki

In 1995 after Internet Explorer Version 1, it was getting regular updates & new releases every year till Internet Explorer 6 in August 2001. Being pre-installed in Windows XP it made it the ‘e’ icon, the icon of internet among many.

Internet Explorer LOGO

Over 12 Years, Internet Explorer has been the most popular Web browser. At one time, it was the best browser you could use. But not anymore. The large time lag between Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7 made the difference, and the bugs in Internet Explorer 7 made worse, though it incorporated tabbed browsing and other functions it still wasn’t able to support CSS2.

Internet Explorer is currently at version 10. But most people are not using IE10, The truth is, even IE10 is not up-to-date as other browsers. If you’re still using Internet Explorer, it is recommended that you upgrade to a different browser. Microsoft is still struggling to make up the lost time (IE6- IE7).

With time not only new browser makers came by, along with it saw older browsers releasing new versions with added functionality. The advancement in the web technology makes browsers released earlier helpless.

I started this article with browser history and Internet Explorer is to inform users who were not aware that Internet Explore is just a browser not Internet as we were getting complaints that our projects are not displayed properly for them, and when I asked the browser in which they viewed it, i was getting quiet a large number outdated version of different browsers.

Why Should i upgrade

Reason to upgrade are countless, a few are stability of the browser , old browser are vulnerable to viruses & malware and other security issues. Security alone is a big problem to be concerned especially when you do online money deals.

Why Should i upgrade
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Other advantages of a new browser over older browsers, includes:

  • More Stable.
  • More secure from virus, malware, and browser hijacking attacks.
  • Faster page-loading.
  • Larger page-viewing area.
  • Optional plugins and add-ons Support.

The browser is line automobile tires, needs replacement periodically. In fact browsers do not wear out.


When it comes to speed there is hardly any way for existing technology to defeat the latest, it’s the key battlegrounds being fought between browsers.

Old browsers are very slow starting with the basic functionalities because it uses outdated algorithms. Every time a page loads a browser has to perform a number of tasks which includes loading different files, processing the scripts and more. Older browsers will not be able to perform these simultaneously or at a considerable speed as due to changes in web trends after the browser was released. This ruin user experience, sometimes it causes your browser to crash or freeze.

Web Technologies

Another problem with older browsers is limited support to web technologies, old browsers will not be able to support new functionalities in HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Due to this new website will not function function properly in the browser, the websites look broken.

By using outdated browser you are not only limiting your capability, you are also limiting the designer’s capabilities too.


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As mentioned , Security is a key point to upgrade.Using the latest version of your browser ensures that you are protected from these security vulnerabilities and they are often even smart enough to warn you of suspicious code that can harm your computer.

Not Interested to Upgrade

Even with these knowledge’s there are situations where users are forced to user earlier browsers, especially earlier versions of IE, for numerous reasons.

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  • The applications software may not be able to support new browsers.
  • No Administrator privileges.
  • Didn’t like the new interfaces.
  • Afraid of data loss (Bookmarks & Passwords).

Well, for some reason you have one final solution form the internet Giant Google for you, this is only available for Internet Explorer . You use Internet Explorer with a similar speed and security of a new browser with an add-on to Internet Explorer called Chrome Frame.


Google Chrome Frame is a free plug-in for Internet Explorer. Some advanced web apps use Google Chrome Frame to provide you with additional features and better performance.

Chrome frame installation is fast & easy, does not need any administrator privileges and it’s free. Chrome Frame is completely invisible and will not change anything about the way you access Web pages in Internet Explorer

Here It is…

Ensuring that the browser you are using is up-to date is a primary task every internet user should perform in order to to enjoy the experience designed by the designer after hours of bone breaking work, so please upgrade the browser to the latest version to stay in the track.

Upgrading your browser not only improve your experience it will make your browsing safer, faster, much more beautiful and most importunately let internet technologies to develop, it can be you the one stopping the internet from developing by using an out dated browser forcing developers to make programs compact-able with older versions and leave-out the new technology.

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