Happy Birthday Tech Stream 2

Happy Birthday Tech Stream 2


Happy Birthday Tech Stream 2

Happy Birthday Tech Stream 2

The day marks the 2nd Birthday of Tech Stream, it has been two years since I started sharing my views & experience on web & web technologies in here, Right now there is about 150+ articles, 300 Fans on Facebook & close to 100 awesome followers on Twitter (@techstream) with more coming, on an average you guys show up 20,000 to 30,000 times a month here.

It's awesome I am so happy to have you all.

It's not just the birthday, I am happy to present a repainted version of Tech Stream ( will be live in 2 hours) . This definitely is the biggest overhaul yet, before moving on to design aspects I would like to share what you awesome readers like.

I would Like to thank

  • Ad Packs For helping to run Tech Stream
  • Leap Switch who keeps Tech Stream alive on Internet
  • You people for checking this

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Relaunch 1

The Relaunch, I am rolling out the first design change to Tech Stream after 2 years ( changes will go live in 24 hours), the changes last from the core to the front cover. Being a personal website there is no big plan behind the design I just thought of revamping it to learn new trends and more. Although It's kinda what I do daily.

After weeks of research, testing, discussing with a couple of friends I think I have convinced my mind its ready, this definitely is a big overhaul.

  • New Coat of Pain
  • New Management System: I have always run my blog on a CMS designed my myself, this time I made a brand new one.
  • Responsive Design: The initial design was also a responsive so there is no much deal here.
  • Build using the Front-end Framework White Board, build as a side project over a weekend because my friend ( supersolanki) and I thought of making a frame work for fun :P.
  • Build with Speed.

So this is basically it, I am done introducing the new design and wishing Happy Birthday to Tech Stream. Will describe the redesign in detail shortly.


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