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  • Remove linux

    To remove linux and come back to windows OS follow these steps

  • Mac Ubuntu

    Mac Ubuntu is a package made for those who need mac but not able to afford one. It is a legal package, since mac is Linux and Ubuntu is also Linux.


    LAMP server can help you to test a website without making to upload the files to your server

  • desktop unity

    With the past few releases, Ubuntu has been focusing more and more on their homegrown desktop Unity. Some people love it, but a lot of us don’t.For those of us

  • Choose linux

    For anyone one who is new to Linux is very easy to be confused in choosing a Linux distributer that is why we created

  • open source and free ware

    The term open source describes production and development that promote access to the end product's source materials.

  • Free ware and open source

    Freeware is computer software that is available for use at no cost or for an optional fee.But under one or more restricted usage rights.

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